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Ferrari 458 Spider Black

Ferrari 458 Spider Black

$1,399.00 / day



Body Convertible
Engine 4.5L Naturally Aspirated V8
Transmission Automatic
Fuel type Petrol

Experience the ultimate in luxury and performance with the Ferrari 458 Spider Black rental option from Premier Auto Boston. Owning one of the most desirable sports cars ever made can be yours without all the hassle of ownership. With this Ferrari rental, you can make your day or weekend behind 562 horsepower worth remembering forever. With sharp turns and incredible speed on straightaways, it’s no surprise that this legendary car is a showstopper everywhere it goes.

Drive a True Icon With Unmatched Luxury & Safety

The exterior of this exotic machine features sensuous curves, distinctive wheel designs, and purr-like exhaust notes that will make anyone smile when they hear it coming across the street. Inside, luxurious leather seating provides comfort while providing a perfect view of the road ahead. Its iconic red badge proudly presents its elite status to anyone looking on with admiration.
Although it wasn’t built for just any driving experience, Ferrari 458 Spider Black doesn’t sacrifice safety either. The stability control system helps you keep control when you want to test its limits on curves or wet roads. The seats also feature force limiters for extra protection and a roll bar for peace of mind during extreme maneuvers.

Rent the Car That Changed Driving Forever – Ferrari 458 Spider

For those who want to experience what it’s like to ride a true work of art that moves like no other car before it, renting the Ferrari 458 Spider Black is an unforgettable experience every time you get behind the wheel! Whether you’re driving through downtown Boston or taking a drive on the coast’s winding roads, feel alive and take control when you rent from us today!