Finally caught the break you’ve needed for ages and want a sweet ride to the beach? Or maybe you’ve landed a date with the girl of your dreams and want a quick way to impress her? Whether it’s date night, a quick holiday, an important business meeting with a client, or something to cross off your bucket list, there’s no doubt that you’d want to travel to your destination in style. And what more says style than the exotic car of your dreams – for example, a red Ferrari T California, or a Ferrari 458 Spider! Style comes at a steep cost, though, which makes most of our dreams seem out of our reach. However, by using Boston exotic car rentals, you can make your dreams come true on a limited budget! Did I mention the market competitive rates and hourly rent availability? What a dream, right? By using the Ferrari rental Boston, you can easily turn this dream into reality and gain access to a variety of the world’s most exotic cars, including the Ferrari T and Spider mentioned above!

Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is a one of a kind luxury car. A rare yet fan favorite Sedan/Hatch style Ferrari on the market, we are proud to say that we are one of the only exotic car rental companies in the country that provide this exotic car for rent. This is a one of a kind pricey exotic car rental is set apart from its competitors because of the MSRP of $300,000 and how rare this car is to find. Not many people in the world own this Ferrari as a personal car and so finding it as a rental is almost impossible.

This Ferrari FF for rent is one of the only super cars that has comfortable backs seats that allow large or regular size people to easily and comfortably fit in the back of this beautiful exotic car. This also can be the perfect car rental for prom due to its spacious back seats which can easily fit four people very comfortably. It will definitely be perfect for you and your friends to have the best night of your life! This car has an extremely powerful engine and is not to be played with! This is one of the most powerful Ferrari’s on the market. It has all the space a Rolls Royce provides but with the engine power of a super car (6.3L V12) and that is what makes it a go to for so many different occasions.

Ferrari California T

Looking for a car that is subtler with its style? A glossy black Ferrari California T manages to look both classy and expensive and is perfect for many occasions and excursions! The Ferrari California T is a one of kind convertible Ferrari with an MSRP of $206,723 that offers space for 4 people within the vehicle. That’s not to say it isn’t powerful. Its engine runs fast and is defined as a 3.9L Turbo V8 which allows it to run at the top speed of 196 MPH.

​This is the perfect car for couples that have two little ones that want to enjoy the ride with their parents instead of staying home with the sitter, or even for prom or other events. If you want to be that cool dad to pull up in the Ferrari while unbuckling your child’s baby seat or impress your prom date and have an unforgettable night, then this car is for you!

Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is a great car! This is a very powerful car that comes with a hard retractable top and back seats. You can bring the kids or the friends on your driving experience. This Ferrari California is available in a few different colors and option for our clients of different tastes so you can find your perfect fit! You can cruise with the top down, head over to the beach to make some new friends, or even take it to a nice fancy dinner with your loved one. We also recommend this car for all of our prom car rentals clients as it is a cheap exotic car rental. It is the perfect Boston car rental for prom or any events that will have all of your friend’s heads turned all night long. If you want to be the perfect prom date to your significant other, then this is the best option for you! She or he will very impressed with your hot exotic car rental. This Ferrari California has the space for a small family but the power for a race car driver! We strongly recommend to drive with caution because this car is no joke and definitely not a toy.