Are you in search of a hot pair of wheels? In that case, only a Ferrari can fulfill all your desires even those you didn’t even know you possessed. So, what’s stopping you from sliding behind the wheel of this dreamboat of a car?

What’s that you say- extremely tedious renting procedures? Well that my friend, is a thing of the past! Don’t believe us? Then stay tuned to find out why we are the best Ferrari rental service in all of Boston!

Why Choose Us?

Just like the supercars in our collection, we believe speed is everything. With us; you will never have to deal with lots of paperwork or spend ages trying to find the perfect car that will suit both your pocket and your taste.

With our efficient online service, you can find all the details of every single car in our massive collection. But that’s not all! To make things even better, we allow visitors on our website to reserve their desired car online right from their smartphone. Isn’t that super convenient?

We save you the hassle of coming on down to the showroom because we know how precious our clients’ time is. You can say that we truly believe that time is money!

To make sure the online service works smoothly, we have customer care support that is ready to assist you 24/7. Just dial the number given on our website if you have any questions about the reservation process and our team will guide you immediately.

Also, did we mention that we have amazing discounts? Yes, that’s right we offer discounts based on the number of hours that you rent out of our cars. For any rentals upwards of two hours, we give clients an additional hour for free! That’s one whole extra hour that you can enjoy driving your favorite car in the world.

Our Ferrari Collection

With that out of the way, let’s get down to the fun part! It’s time for a tour of our amazing Ferrari collection. So, are you ready to discover the car of your dreams?

Ferrari 488 GTB

Exhibit A in our collection is the stunning Ferrari 488 GTB. This beautiful limited edition sports car has a presence that no other car can hope to meet and it is designed to turn heads everywhere it goes. It can’t help itself because its electrifying shimmery bright blue color is nothing like anything you have ever seen! It really is unbeatable in the looks department.

To really cater to diversified aesthetic preferences, the Ferrari 488 is available in two styles which are the coupe and the convertible so you can go for the look that appeals to you.

But the GTB is so much more than just a good-looking car. It also rivals many other cars when it comes to speed and high performance. The Ferrari 488 GTB boasts a powerful 3.9 liter V8 engine that can zoom ahead to speeds over 200 mph with ease.

Ferrari California T

Next up, we have the California T which is truly a one of a kind Ferrari model. It has the signature 3.9-liter turbo V8 engine which is a key characteristic of all Ferrari models. Likewise, the California T can go from 0 to sixty mph in just 3.4 seconds.

But the thing that sets the California T apart from all the other models is that it is the one and only Ferrari convertible that comfortably seats four passengers! While the classic two-seaters are all-time favorites no one can deny the practicality of a four-seater.

And kudos to Ferrari for the execution and craftsmanship of this model. Even though it is a four-seater it is still every bit as stylish as the standard two-seater models. To really cater to customer preferences, we rent out two versions of the California T- a classic all-black beauty and a deep starry night blue one.

Ferrari FF

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Ferrari FF which is a unique sedan style Ferrari that is incredibly difficult to come across in the U.S. But like always, we have got you covered and even have this rare beauty in our exotic car rental collection.

We would advise you not to underestimate this model because it seats four people. The spacious design does not compromise on speed. In fact, the FF has a beast of a V 12 engine which is on par with the best sport car engines that you can find.

Trust us, the FF might have the space of a family car but it has the speed of a Lamborghini Marcielago Spyder! Rest assured that this isn’t the car to be taken lightly as it can easily zip down the highway at 200 mph.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us and we will resolve your queries in no time.